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Support Groups

Here, you'll discover details about various support groups. At DWR, our members support one another. Click on videos or images to enlarge them for a full view.

Hope's Basket

If you are a woman with cancer and you are interested in receiving a Hope Basket, please contact Sally Skyer at Update as of September 13, 2023 - You may also donate by sending a check to Deaf Women of Rochester, PO Box 92455, Rochester, NY 14692, or PayPal to Thank you for supporting cancer fighters and survivors.

Watch the video recording of the panel discussion on Women and Cancer below. If you or someone else want to talk to one of the panelists, please contact Regina at or Sally Skyer at

Deaf and Hard of Hearing  Support Groups

Depending on your needs, you may decide to join one or more of three types of support groups: 




Just remember that whatever support group you choose, it is not a substitute for medical care. 

A support group is a safe place where it gives you an open, and confidential meeting to  share your emotions and experiences with others who have recently experienced the same  challenges or circumstances. A support group gives you opportunities to get things off your  chest and you may gain valuable insight about how others deal with similar situations.  Resources like self-care, coping skills, tips, and ideas will be provided by you and your  group.  


Facilitated by: Patti Canne, MSW 

Further details about in-person location or zoom, dates and  

times will be shared with you if you decide to participate.  

If you are interested to join or have concerns or questions, please contact Patti Canne at 585-286-4019 (VP) or email:

Open to caregivers, hearing or deaf family members, CODAs, & anyone joining in on the journey of  caring for a loved one. An ASL Interpreter will be 

provided if needed.


A safe place to share, cry, laugh, and learn.  ~ You will learn that you are not alone ~

ASL Support Group for Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Suicide Survivors

ASL Support Group for DeafHard of Hearing Suicide Survivors.png

Are you interested in attending an ASL support group for D/HH Suicide Survivors? 

Contact Mary Karol Matchett at 

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